GCNY Marketing Agency


As your creative agency, we are serious about your brand and your audience – yet we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That’s how we manage to build brands that make people smile.

Why is that our goal?

Because we understand that peddling your message around – however loudly –
isn’t enough to engage customers for the long term. Instead, we focus on
crafting an experience, an emotional relationship, that taps into your target
market’s hearts and minds.

That connection makes for what we like to call “up close and personal” brand
recognition. It is the closest thing you can get to a personal handshake with
each and every customer. And when we make that happen, we are happy to
have fulfilled our mission, Hands on Brands.

Our work is at the junction
of ‘powerful’ and ‘as promised’.
(And ‘priced right’.)

Good, cheap and fast is an equation that never delivers. But beyond that, we’re the most balanced creative team: While we place the greatest emphasis on creating powerful, meaningful work, we’re also known for accommodating client schedules and keeping to our promised timeframes.

The process leads from your venture to our adventure.

We’ve discovered long ago that working for you isn’t nearly as rewarding as working with you. In fact, the best work we can do is work that is representative of your brand’s true identity. To discover just that, we embark on a journey together:

Our Process


To make creative space for your brand, we start with freshly caffeinated minds and a blank drawing board. We collaborate closely with you by having insightful discussions and asking thought-provoking questions. We thus discover the intricacies of your business and the audience it targets.


Complementing the discovery phase with primary and secondary market research helps us develop a clear-cut strategy for cutting through the rest of the promotional clutter. This is when we figure how to follow both the organic visual voice and creative linguistic direction we will create for your brand.


Here is where things become tangible. Our team applies physical form to the strategy we created, carefully realizing your brand’s planned impact in the industry. By developing a solution that consistently works across all marketing mediums, we offer you a clear vision of what we’ll do for you from the get-go.


After refining and finalizing all materials, we work closely with our network of production professionals to materialize it all. From delivering your comprehensive corporate identity to blanketing a city with billboards and beyond, the implementation stage is where the world gets to see the new you we created.


This may be prime time, but it isn’t goodbye. The relationship we’ve crafted continues long after we’ve delivered our solutions as promised. Your steady growth remains a work of heart for us, and we stay closely involved with you and your team to keep your brand’s momentum going.

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