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Active First

Giving the diabetic community a leg up.

Where exactly is the finish line located for those who have to mount a daily battle just to make it to the starting mark? That was the question we wanted to answer over the course of our discovery and rebranding exercise with Active 1st. It wasn’t easy, but it was one heck of a rewarding journey.


Active 1st is an innovative medical supply brand. Among other things, the company specializes in developing advanced activewear products for individuals struggling with the relentless challenges of diabetic diseases.


Active 1st approached GCNY knowing exactly what they had and what they still needed: They understood their heart and soul, their inspiration and reason for existence, but knew they were lacking in the brand development area. Specifically, they wanted a defined brand identity that represented their mission without feeling cold and ‘medical’.


To craft an identity that portrays a brand for motivated and sport-conscious people, we explored Active 1st’s relation to the lifestyle of its customers rather than to the medical struggles with which they are trying to cope. We were deeply inspired to discover that the diabetic community was actually very much interested in healthy living, hard-hitting sports, and all other invigorating physical activities. That immediately set the stage.


No second thoughts
We captured the spirit of both Active 1st and its client community it serves in a beautifully simple slogan, ”Challenge accepted”. Beyond a corporate say-so, it turned into the brand’s rally cry in the face of any would-be opposition.

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Swathed in bold reds and solid blacks, the new logo left any cold medical tones behind, aligning the brand with unbridled energy, uninhibited drive, and a strong aspiration for reaching higher.

Going the distance
To build out our intended support pool around the Active 1st product catalog, we developed an array of creative extension programs that would help members of the diabetic community offer pride, camaraderie and helping hands to follow members.

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