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Beach Gardens

It was a question of helping people see that the seemingly impossible was actually quite possible – and real. The subject was a nursing and rehabilitation facility located in Far Rockaway. After underperforming for too long, it underwent a change in ownership. And the new owners understood that GCNY was their right partner in reinventing its image.


After finalizing their acquisition and installing new management blood, the facility’s brand new owners knew they wanted a complete name change. The old name was by then synonymous with poor service and unattractive premises, and the new name was to reflect the new spirit, superior care programs, and total commitment to excellence.


In crafting the new identity, we went toe-to-toe with two basic challenges: Presenting a vibrant, luxurious premise that appeals to clients faced with selecting their parents’ longterm living environment, and depicting a serene, garden-like atmosphere when any mention of Queens or New York conjures up images of stifling skyscrapers…


When we visited the facility for a firsthand experience, we realized that a sense of warmth and certainty was already permeating the walls. In just a few short weeks under new ownership, the facility was displaying its potential to serve as the ultimate flowerlined path that leads to health, joy, and a life full of comforts. So we ran with exactly that.


We took it to the water
We developed the simple and promising name Beach Gardens to represent the calm, comfortable nursing and rehabilitation setting local seniors need. It was a tall shot for the facility, but then again, we’re never known for being subtle.

We helped it sink in
After we made that bold promise with the name, we visually anchored the message with a gorgeous logomark that represents the Beach Gardens initials and borrows design cues from a beautiful climbing vine (wall moss). This striking visual changed the local public’s perception of the facility and the care being provided.

We gave it sails
To cement the total shift in direction, the GCNY team developed a signage theme that highlighted the human element that exists between Beach Garden’s clients and the generation before them – the aging parents they look after. This included prominent billboards and exterior awnings that dominated the entire street. To create and maintain a connection between caregivers and care recipients, we created mugs and other promotional items with imagery and copy that express a deeper level of personal care.

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