GCNY Marketing Agency

Citadel Health Group

Nursing and rehabilitation facilities often change hands due to high operating costs and the intricacies involved with service provision and financial management. Every time there’s a shift in ownership, the clients are the first ones to feel it. So how do we not only retain but also build trust in a time of transition? Let’s see.


The three nursing and rehab facilities in Kingsbridge, Riverdale, and St. Barnabas were all underperforming as healthcare centers. After they were acquired by an established, privately held company that’s very active in the healthcare space, GCNY was tasked with the rebrand.


In addition to the tall order of effectively eradicating the negative reputation these facilities have garnered, the client asked us to retain some of the local identity of each of these homes so as not to alienate the clientele. And all this while exercising a complete rebrand to position the facilities as high-performing homes representative of the new image and standards implemented.


The GCNY team studied all three homes and found similarities both in what led to their failure and in how the client was reimagining the care services provided. We landed on a sleek, inventive naming scheme that brought them together under a unified umbrella while keeping each facility a treasure to its local community.


The group
We created a new brand, the Citadel Health Group, which would serve as
both the face and the administrative headquarters of all three homes. Citadel is a strong name and is now on its way to become a known presence in the industry.

The facilities
In keeping with their original locale-themed names, with used Citadel as a prefix – a designation of stature – specific to these three facilities: Citadel at Kingsbridge; Citadel at Riverdale; and Citadel at St. Barnabas. This brought the promise of excellence to all homes under the Citadel flag, while retaining the individual spirit of each one.

The corporate identity
The GCNY art team designed a beautiful logomark that expresses both the prominence of luxury and the positivity of happiness, hope and deep care. The entire corporate identity package is now proudly in use across all three facilities.