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EZ Kosher

Biting into the national food delivery industry.

When it hasn’t been done before – in the kosher markets, at least – how do you make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew? In the case of EZkosher.com, it was all matter of taste, adjust, and perfect. And then: repeat, repeat, repeat.


When the visionaries behind EZ Kosher approached us, we were naturally very excited. Their proposal to create a platform for online kosher shopping meant we were about to sink our teeth into a whole new trendy category. With the Internet being our playground, we were enticed to score an absolute homerun.


At the time, kosher consumers had no viable solution for online grocery shopping. Some kosher food retailers had tried to offer a limited range of their wares on the Web, but the shopper’s experience was appalling. EZ Kosher was the very first to create a national platform, and it was down to us to educate the target audience and to make it work.


From a branding perspective, our approach was simple: Happy. That’s the medium we found between techy reliability and local gourmet freshness. We fleshed out the visual with eye-popping colors and powerful creative elements, and bookmatched them to a down-to-earth verbal design that just spoke, without selling.


Apple picking
Our research team evaluated and philosophized on every angle of the online kosher shopper’s needs to create the ultimate core experience.

Online aisles
We designed and developed a seamless website and mobile companion app, providing users with maximum control and exceptional navigability.

Food was served
To rapidly introduce the EZ Kosher platform as it became available to each new community, we hosted smart, cost-effective individual community events.

This way to fresh
By way of national print, email and online campaigns, we drove mass traffic to the new website. In addition, our viral audio/video advertising aptly addressed the kosher consumer’s needs, engaging our audience and attaching them to our brand.

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