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Gevina Farms

Saying cheese to an industry milked by giants.

“What? Yet another kosher dairy brand?” That’s practically all our client heard. It wasn’t a gutsy idea, people said. It was stupid. So how do you prove everyone wrong? By doing something more right than they’ve ever seen.


A company full of new ideas in an aging industry, Gevina was desperate to break into the local kosher dairy market. The approached GCNY as a newly launched brand, and expressed their need for a true ambassador that would offer them stability and develop their image as the most innovative young brand in fine kosher dairy.


All else being equal, the words “new” and “brand” alone create a tall order. Gevina was facing an even greater challenge with their choice of market, as the kosher dairy market is dominated by powerful incumbents. We needed a strategy to swiftly position Gevina as of a similar league.


Taste trumps time. Gevina didn’t claim decades of tradition; to the contrary, we utilized the powers of viral marketing, tasting booths and mouth-opening print ad campaigns to promote Gevina’s product innovation and unbelievable flavors. We tasted success: Gevina saw a rapid adoption rate as kosher consumers gobbled up the brand as a whole, spoon and all.


Try this
We strategically rolled out each new product, introducing them to the public in a consistent manner for maximum individual exposure.

Generation G
By launching a print campaign featuring junior Jewish models, we successfully portrayed Gevina’s daily involvement in the kosher family lifestyle.

Spilled milk
Brooklyn was awash with the Gevina name, as our powerful viral campaigns drew public attraction by the bucket.

Sounds like Gevina
As part of our effort to create a subliminal bond between brand and consumer, we created a neat musical jingle and incorporated it into a promotional video. This we ran in the largest kosher supermarkets in the NY metro area, burrowing into the bounce of daily shoppers.

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