GCNY Marketing Agency


Knox is the brainchild of a leading national electronics company with a sterling record of reselling other brands’ best wares. After decades in the business, they came to appreciate how the need existed for a unique, quality-driven, budget-friendly brand for young and growing families. They chose to create that brand from scratch.


Thanks to its parent company’s reach in electronics, Knox started out with a huge variety of wildly different product categories. The challenge was twofold: Construct a brandworthy message that was capable of encapsulating the varying retail lines, all while communicating the affordability of each clearly defined product category.


We went back to the company’s roots, to what inspired them to think along Knox lines. We created a brand mission that focused on family and on those fleeting moments that make and perpetuate the family unit. The wholesome tone – peppered with expressions of fun and carefree living – appealed to families of all sizes and ages, immediately capturing an audience that loved Knox’s genuine warmth and vitality.


Tell it to the family
We developed a young, fresh website and positioned each product at a specific ‘moment’ in the family’s lifestyle, promoting a sense of belonging that’s unique in the realm of electronic products.

Packaging that packs a punch
Our complete overhaul of the Knox packaging theme presented a consistently bold, modern look that inspires fun and in-the-moment living.

Knox, the family wingman
Carrying the website concept further, we crafted an in-flight commercial (and secured a spot with one of the nation’s most prominent airlines) that followed a young family’s day in the company of Knox products.