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Lé Buffet

In a city with more eat-out spots than people (ok, not really), how do you convince foodies to leave the hustle-bustle on the street and step into a quiet little corner for a better cup of coffee and a pastry? The obvious answer was to promote the food as a bite that doesn’t need to be grabbed but instead grabs you.


Lé Buffet’s young Brooklynite owners approached us with the idea to set up shop in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn. They wanted to find that perfect balance of a French-themed menu with the capacity of delivering immediate gratification. After all, they were looking to serve the appetites (and tempers) of New York‘s time-pressed workforce.


While the owners had worked out most of the technical hurdles they were facing, they commissioned GCNY for our understanding of Brooklyn’s vibrant working class. Our assignment was to create a cohesive language with continuity across verbal and visual materials. New Yorkers are notorious for not reading signs, but we needed to help them appreciate Lé Buffet’s exhaustive investment in the food they would eat.


The word buffet to us represented the freedom of selection, of immediacy. We started from there and built an identity that spoke of a cozy new cafe and sandwich shop with that special spirit of local and accessible yet too-tantalizing-to-resist French. Guiding the client even as far as the interior layout and design, we helped create an enclave that draws in passerby and makes everyone feel like an insider.


Looks delicious
For a memorable logomark that expresses both self-serve convenience and made-to-order deliciousness, we worked with abstracts of a spatula, wheat stalks, and the quintessential, traditional coffee cup.

Courteously French
When it came to capturing the Lé Buffet essence in a slogan no longer than three words, we again aimed to tick all the boxes of fresh, convenient, accessible, and made to customer liking. The winning line? “Served your way.”

Do it piecemeal
Not in the mood of waiting in line? Want to just grab and go? To further express the ease and efficiency of service, we named each section individually – and promoted it as such in Lé Buffet’s print ads. Customer now come in to try our Coffee Cove, Pastry Post, Sandwich Station, and Salad Spot, or enjoy a variety of Dairy Dishes.

Grab and keep going
As Lé Buffet was aiming to capitalize on Brooklyn’s morning rush on the way to work, we ran a grand opening ad with the simple line, “Run on with a rich breakfast.” Decidedly easy, nutritious, and upgraded – aka Lé Buffet.

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