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Mr. Super

Marketing a superior super to property owners.

How do you teach property owners – a demographic known for liking things the way they were – that there is a better alternative to the entrenched building super? Instead of beating around the bush, we chose the direct route and addressed a side-by-side comparison between the old and the new.


Mr. Super is a unique idea based on the simple, age-old business model of outsourcing in-house duties to a third party that specializes in just the one thing. Mr. Super provides all the services usually entrusted to a super, such as cleaning, garbage removal, minor repairs and patchwork.


Using an outside service may be a natural course of action for younger companies, especially in the tech industry. When pitching property owners, though, new ideas don’t meet with positive reception as easily. Though Mr. Super delivers obvious benefits as they remove the necessity to provide insurance and an apartment to an in-house super, landlords usually need more convincing.


Akin to the chicken-or-egg problem, we understood that the best way to influence one property owner is by influencing other landlords. So beyond the friendly and down-to-earth identity we created, we built out a very visible brand that talked the talk and walked the walk of a national company. Recognition, trust and adoption followed suit.


From brochures to overalls
Rather than offering a per-property replacement super, we presented Mr. Super to property owners as a cohesive brand and a comprehensive team of experts. From lit to outfit, we built a brand that’s larger than its own services.

Leave upkeep to us
This simple, honest motto set the stage and drove the friendly and helpful tone of voice for all literature, followed by descriptive yet refreshing kickers like “Services for a clean break. And for breakage cleanup.”

Which super is superior?
The bottom line remains the bottom line. To motivate landlords to take action, we compared Mr. Super to live-in supers on a point-by-point basis. There is no sidestepping the obvious, and this powered rapid decision-making.

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