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Pier 18

Tipping the scales in favor of fish.

How does a local fish-only store learn to navigate the new waters, as behemoth supermarkets are swallowing the weekly shopper whole? We worked with Tauber’s Fish Co. to turn the tide back in favor of flappin’ freshness and personal service.


A traditional mom and pop fish shop, Tauber’s Fish Co. enjoyed 30+ years of local success. Highly popular with housewives, homemakers and fish aficionados, it appealed to everyone with its old-school friendliness, intuitive packaging concepts, and sea-deep hook on all matters fish. With that said, it operated both at the scale and with the general smell of yer good ol’ fish shops.


As Tauber’s built its reputation on fresh and local, there was no use in trying to best the supermarkets at their own game. The client expressed a wish to rather expand and advance its offerings to also include a comprehensive menu of the very finest in prepared fish foods. The question was how to fast-forward 35 years to introduce innovation – without diluting the shop’s tried-and-true image.


The GCNY team and the Tauber’s family staff sat down to discuss an invigorated brand image over (what else?) a plate of fish and chips. Together we arrived at the idea of creating a new visual brand identity and customer experience that would natively harbor the original Tauber’s values of fresh, local and traditional. Upgrades included a new name, fresh happy copy, engaging gourmet imagery, all tied into a modern new storefront and interior.


Taking names
Renaming the shop Pier 18 helped us stake the claim of a closer connection to the source – the sea.

Retail detail
We completely reimagined the store, fusing modern white and ocean blue hues with wave-inspired décor.

Sea saw
After isolating the shop’s production area to preempt fish smells within the shop, we designed a consumer peek window so shoppers may enjoy the view.

Fresh boat of paint
No, that’s’ not a typo. Instead of simply applying a fresh coat, we fully developed a contemporary yet restrained color palette, new fonts and elements, and refreshing in-store signage. Above all, Pier 18’s polished new environment promotes Tauber’s original commitment and culture.

Hook, line and zinger
From our “off the hook™” slogan, to the “we run fish™” promise of breezy delivery, to equally bold advertising campaigns – it was all swim and no sink.

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