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“So you built a better mousetrap?” Quiseen wanted to avoid such a perception before it could take hold. Under this new company name, they were developing premium culinary products with intent, and had to build a brand that rises above a me-too market position. How do you mange that? You go to GCNY.


With design and R&D offices located in the heart of New York City, Quiseen is an energetic young company that designs and markets products to enhance hostesses’ cooking, dining and entertaining experiences – everything from kitchen gadgets and tools, to grill, wine and bar accessories. The focus is on the modern consumer, with values of good design, reliable functionality and satisfaction-in-use.


With the advent of ecommerce marketplaces giving rise to thousands of copycat vendors in every conceivable industry, Quiseen was struggling to cement a distinction. While the products we tried seemed to make excellent brand ambassadors, the brand itself was still undercooked.


Good design continues to be one of the brand’s core values. We drew inspiration from Quiseen products’ user-friendliness to position the brand as a sous chef to the customers; rather than having it be yet another company whose box is discarded and whose identity means nothing in the home, we worked to make Quiseen synonymous with help, ease of use, reliability, and culinary joy.


The logomark
Cued by one of the home cook’s favorite tools, the flat cast-iron pan, we designed a simple logomark with zero distraction from the name. In a cool twist, the handle portion of the pan was made to look like a lift-tab for a sticker, almost as a teaser to users who would instinctively try to peel it off…

The iconography
We developed a range of use-case icons based off the minimalist logomark. These supported the Quiseen name as pointers for the end user that promoted confidence in the applications for the brand’s products.

The packaging
Newly designed packaging for every single product highlighted usability and reflected the Quiseen difference, while following a theme of hospitality made easy.

The language
The user manual is often the most overlooked part in the brand-customer relationship. We reworked and reworded the instructional materials for all Quiseen products to speak in a tone that is representative of Quiseen values and also values the customer even after the purchase.