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Fulfilling the promise of yes.

From brown boxes to endless shipping slips to long rows of humming fluorescent bulbs, the world of storage and logistics is far removed from the happy life in most people’s minds. Always up for a challenge, GCNY joined forces with YesWay to package their brand in an attractive way.


When YesWay contacted us for the first time, they were just starting out. The company was a real startup, clawing its way into the highly saturated field of public storage and order fulfillment. What we saw in them were the people: a crew of good, hardworking folk that had every desire to treat customers right and to thus be differentiated from older, more sterile companies that take customers for granted.


Good intentions notwithstanding, YesWay was entering a brutally competitive market. Beyond the idea that public storage is unexciting to the end user – it’s more chore than choice – larger chains are often in a race to the bottom dollar. YesWay could never afford that. It is safe to argue that YesWay stood no chance. Until GCNY got involved, that is.


Fulfillment can be fun, we decided. Inspired by the purity and sincerity of the company name, we took a definitive right turn and created a brand platform with everything the competitors had forgotten: Brightness. Freshness. Happiness. We helped them shed the general industry’s lethargic image. The YesWay name was suddenly associated with movement, cutting-edge technology, and a motivation to fulfill dreams rather than just manipulate boxes.


Yellow means go
Enough with dark, bleak colors. First and foremost, we chose to proudly own the color yellow as the brand’s primary color. Why was this important? To us, it represents speed and smiles, without the urgency of red.

Welcome to yes
Rounding out the bold new corporate identity was an inviting welcome packet that successfully blew consumers away with its creativity and its departure from the old. This recurring motif played a big part in attracting customers to YesWay.

Goodbye to no
The YesWay USP? “The Yes Guys.” Equal parts slogan, philosophy, promise, and morale booster, these three simple words promote the beliefs that make YesWay tick.

Out of the box
The visuals we developed for YesWay stood out of the freshest, most customer-friendly identity in the industry.

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