Meet the GCNY team
we push boundaries.

A multidisciplinary, deeply collaborative team that delivers creative expertise throughout the entire media stack.

Each member specializes, so every brand resonates.

Joseph Blumenfeld
Founder & Creative Director
Ricky Blau
Chief Account Executive, Principal
Raquel Sananes
Senior Project Manager
Esther Fried
Project Manager
Tzvi Koegel
Project Manager
Rivky Zonenshayn
Project Manager
Rachel Levin
Production Manager & Executive Assistant
Cathy Greenberg
Senior Copywriter
Emily Choi
UI/UX Designer
Yitzhak Alvarez
Web Assistant
Lauren Baik
Senior Graphic Designer
Sofía Monroy
Graphic Designer
Malky Roth
Graphic Designer
Avigail Mizrachi
Graphic Designer
Chavy Lefkowitz
Graphic Designer
Nathaly Saldivar
Graphic Designer
Lexi Bonfils
Graphic Designer
Shima Grumet
Social Media Manager